Thursday 21 August 2008

Baby whale creature: end of the line

This is probably going to be the last update on this story. This part struck me as very sweet:

"One effort came from Aboriginal whale whisperer Bunna Lawrie, who visited the calf Thursday afternoon. Adorned with feathers on his head and white paint markings on his face, Lawrie reached into the water to stroke Colin [baby whale creature] while singing a humming, tongue-rolling tune.

But after a few minutes the whale swam away to nuzzle a nearby yacht."

I suppose part of what drives us crazy about this story is the relentless inevitability of it, the whole mistaken mother thing is just intensely sad, and the human quality of the persistence in a pointless strategy, despite the futile outcome, because there is just no better option available. We understand that kind of activity, that kind of impulse, all too well.

So it seems that baby whale creature was attacked by sharks before his abandoning, and that his mother probably reckoned his chances as being slim for survival. Life can be so strong sometimes, so determined to be.

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